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High Pressure inflatable rubber bladder pipe plugs

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Rubber pipe plugs is also called inflatable rubber test balloon in market. It is mainly made of rubber materials. The High pressure Inflatable Rubber water Pipline plug stopper can be used for many projects for govenment.

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Rubber pipe plugs is also called inflatable rubber test balloon in market. It is mainly made of rubber materials. The High pressure Inflatable Rubber water Pipline plug stopper can be used for many projects for govenment.

Our rubber pipe plugs include multi size type and single size type, it is mainly used for testing or repairing pipeline in all kinds of industry, so customer can make a choice as their requirements. We have more about the rubber fender products, welcome to contact us for consultation


1. Economy practical. It could be used in cast iron pipeline plug, glass fiber reinforced plastics pipeline plug, PVC, PPR pipeline plug, and double wall spiral pipeline plug and so on.
2. Service plugging, and leak hunting.
3. Elliptic type. It easy to stuff the pipeline and it has good plugging effect.
4. Decay resistance.
5. Super strong expansibility.
6. Light weight and convenient to take, and easy to construct.





Attn.Pls We are supplier of Natural Rubber Mat with Tyre Fabrics Raw-Materials for making Airbags. 


Pipe plug with rubber bag is always used in pip and culvert in order to excreting the sewage and waster water. And also used as the repairing rubber appliance. Because of its various specifications, it can be used to block the stream in various situations.

How can we choose the suitable plugs:
1. Measure the inner diameter of the pipe.
2. Confirm the pipe material.
3. Confirm the use, such as pipe repairing, closed air testing, pipe maintenance etc.
4. Confirm the medium in the pipe, such as water, oil, air
5. Confirm the back pressure

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