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EVA Foam Filled Fender For Ship Protection

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1.Colorful. 2.Unsinkable design. 3.Can as float rod on the sea. 4.Flexible,cost-saving. 5.Remains fully functional even if skin is punctured. 6.Easy to install,move and use. Low maintenance.

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Type of this kind of fenders 
EVA foam filled fender is a kind of constructive fender with polyurethane materials as its outer protective layer and polyethylene or plastic foam core forming the resilient inner part.
Through comoressive deformation to absorb impacting energy of the ship when using. So that it can reduce destructive effect to the pier and the ship.

Polyurethane floating fender is also a kind of compressed fender which builds outer protecive layer with polyurethan materials and adopts polyurethane foaming material or plastic foaming as buffer medium ;the destructive effects on docks and ships will be
reduced by thecompression to absorb the impact energy from ships in the course of using polyurethane floating fender .

Foam filled marine fenders absorbs the impacts whilst the skin resists wear and tear in any tough conditions, thus providing tough, heavy-duty marine fendering systems for harbors, offshore and ship-to-ship applications.


2.Unsinkable design
3.Can as float rod on the sea
5.Remains fully functional even if skin is punctured
6.Easy to install,move and use. Low maintenance.

Foam filled fenders are high performance and heavy-duty floating fender system.
Foam fender is made of polyurethane elastomer skin( or rubber skin), nylon reinforcement layer and closed-cell resilient foam.
It has high energy absorption and low reaction force.




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