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Qingdao Haohang Fender Airbag Co., Ltd. is located at 1760# Yanqing Rd, Jimo District, Qingdao, Shandong .

We are specialized in Ship Launching Airbags, Marine Rubber Fenders, Pneumatic Floating Fenders, Boat Fender, Gas Airbag, Pipeline Airbag Etc.

Inflatable rubber fender: widely used in large ships, yachts, ocean platforms, seaports and piers. It uses compressed air as a buffer medium to absorb the impact energy of the ship. Therefore, compared with the general compressed rubber fender, it has a large energy absorption, a small reaction force, a large contact area with the ship, and a small unit surface pressure acting on the ship. , The performance is not reduced when tilted and compressed, and the installation is simple and convenient. It can be adapted to the docking of ships in all directions.


There are two workshops in our factory.
One workingshop is prepare the raw Nature Rubber Material for us, Plasticating, Mixing and Compounding.
Meanwhile we sell this materail to some factories who need to make the Airbag or Pneumatic Rubber Fender too.


The other workingshop mainly makes the Airbag and Fender with the Nature Rubber raw material. 

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After many step of Cutting, agglutinating, twining and vulcanizing, we finally got the parts as our customer ordered.


The after testing and inspection, we get the parts packed and get them shipped all over the world.

We have good reputation after coorperation with Centre Contral company and Atlantic (Ocean) Company Etc.

with rich production Experience, high quality standard requirements, to meet the needs of customers,

timely and rapid after-sales maintenance, 

Sincerely welcome you to visit the factory, discussing cooperation!

All of our products have approved by CCS, BV, ABS, SGS Etc.   


We have our own factory to process the Nature Rubber with machine Plasticating, Mixing and Compounding Adhering to the customer-oriented choice, the company provides customers with customized products, which are exported to Europe, North America and Asia, with rich production Experience, high quality standard requirements, to meet the needs of customers, timely and rapid after-sales maintenance, welcome you to visit the factory, discuss cooperation! 

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